Start things off by getting the web design, you want with a selection of 250+ templates and counting.

  • Easily design a website with professional templates and drag-and-drop customization.
  • Use built-in blogging, e-commerce, and email marketing tools to grow your business.
  • Get full access to the source code for advanced web development.
  • Freelancers and agencies that want to create a super flexible website without the hassle.

Once you’ve tried on a few of those, the page builder lets you drag-and-drop sections straight into your pages for ultimate customization. And with over 1,000 different page sections, the web design of your dreams is only a few clicks away.

Pages are super responsive to every type of interface, ensuring a solid user experience across devices.

AppDrag gives you 150K translated characters, so you’re ready for your international takeover.

AppDrag is extremely flexible when it comes to the types of sites you can create, too.

Run a blog or use the shop module to start your e-commerce business without digging around the internet for any plugins.

Plus, you’ve got social media integration as simple as adding a widget, and the newsletter tool lets you dig straight into email marketing for your new clients.

You’ll also get white-labeling, so the site will be all yours, free and clear.

No matter how cool your shiny new site looks, though, it won’t matter if nobody can find it.

That’s why AppDrag has an SEO optimizer to tell you exactly how to make your site more discoverable.

Follow the prompts from the SEO Assistant and edit meta, headings, and content to help search engines lead potential visitors right to your doorstep.

AppDrag is perfect for developers or people who want complete control over their source code.

The code editor gives you access to the HTMLCSSand JS files, so you can make any adjustments you deem necessary on the backend.

Developer mode also means that your website is ready to scale if you decide to hire a professional or expand your team.

Think of AppDrag as a host that knows when to get out of the way of the party.

When it comes to site builders, you want the option to pick and choose designs without being bogged down with plugins and stiff interfaces.

AppDrag lets you drag-and-drop everything you need right into great, responsive web design that’s fully customizable.

Kind of like a rigged claw machine, except playing it makes you money.

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